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Dolphin-Camping is situated on the north coast of Corfu, west of Kassiopi and Roda between Karoussades and Sidari in a settlement called Agios Ioannis which is named after the monastery.
And a little warning - if you come by bus, don’t be mistaken by the other much more isolated campsite which is mostly frequented by young backpackers. This is situated between Karoussades and Roda (many bus drivers don’t seem to know Camping-Dolphin and tend to drop you off at the other one).

So if you come by bus, once you arrive in Sidari, from the busstop, you go straight to the sea, take to the right, continue along the beach, cross a small river, after the bridge continue until the road turns to the right and then after some minutes you will find the campsite on the left.

Halfway between the campsite and the busy sea resort of Sidari there is a river that does not even dry up in the summer months. This forms a natural barrier and stops the stream of busy tourism from Sidari.
Only a small wooden footbridge connects the two sides so you need to make a detour of some miles. It takes around 10 minutes to go by car to Sidari.

Leaving the campsite and going uphill in the other direction, you will find the small regional village of Karoussades, a nice, quiet, true Corfiot place, with hardly any tourists where you can find the post office, all kinds of shops, the pharmacy, restaurants, the butcher and the bakery, where they still bake bread in a traditional wood oven.

If you want to go out at night, the busy seaside resort of Sidari is within reach. A 20/25 minute walk follows the beach, then crosses the river via a small footbridge (20 minutes by bicycle). There are discotheques, karaoke bars, tourist shops and an enormous choice of restaurants and you will also find the bigger supermarkets where things are cheaper.

By car: Coming from Kerkyra (Corfu-town), you go to Roda. Then you go direction Sidari. One mile before Sidari, after a descent of one and a half miles, you will find the campsite by the side of a small road (Don’t miss the turning! – in a bend to the left you have to turn right), after a descent of one and a half miles.

By airplane: There are many charter flights to Corfu during the summer.

You can also cross the continent and take a ferry from one of the Italian ports (ferry operators include Minoan Lines or Anek). Of course you can also cross the former Yugoslavia and take the ferry crossing Igoumenitsa-Corfu.

If you arrive by plane, you can rent a car directly at the airport or you can take a taxi or bus to go to Dolphin-Camping.
If you choose the bus, you need to take a taxi to the centre of Corfu-town, which should not cost more than € 10,-- to 14,--. You ask the taxi driver to take you to the bus station.
There is a fairly good bus service, with the first one leaving at 5 am in the morning and then every hour or two hours there is another one leaving until 15:45. Then it stops for some hours, with the last one at 19:30 (for the complete timetable, check the official site:

The bus trip is very nice and will take about an hour and a half. Arriving at Sidari, you have to go eastward along the beach (direction Roda), cross the wooden footbridge, continue along the beach until the road turns right, follow it a bit more and then after a restaurant you will soon see the entrance. If you have lots of heavy luggage, you can phone the campsite owner and ask him to come and give you a lift. If you choose to come by taxi all the way from the airport to Sidari: It will cost you (2011) about € 60 and you will be there in 45 minutes.

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GPS: N39 47 18.8 E19 43 29.0


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