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located at Sidari, Corfu, Greece
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Stories from visitors 
*In the centre of the campsite there is a terrace where you can sit and eat your meals, meet other campers and have a chat. It is not sure if the bar will be open this year. There used to be a taverna but unfortunately it had to close. But at a walking distance of some 10 minutes, right on the beach, there is a nice taverna with homemade food.
*In less than a five minute walk in the other direction there is a small bar/mini-market where you can buy all the basic things and have a drink and, if you like, mix with the locals on the terrace which is right next to the small road.
*The camping grounds formerly belonged to a small monastery built on a hilltop between the campsite and the sea and is planted with age-old giant olive trees, fruit trees, oleanders, roses and other flowering bushes.
*You can walk to the beach in five minutes taking the main (small) road or by leaving at the back entrance of the campsite. Then you go along a small road which later turns into a footpath where you have a beautiful panoramic view on the bay. Going downhill you arrive at a small cosy beach with hardly any tourists. The beaches near the campsite are not very big but if you go a little bit further in the direction of Sidari you will find larger beaches, inevitably much more crowded, with deck chairs/ beds, umbrellas, canoes, pedal boats, paragliding, water-skiing etc.
*On the campsite there are always also Greek campers or people visiting the owner and his family. In this way you get closer to the Greek way of life. In the bar some English music is played but also lots of good quality Greek music. It is not rare to hear people join in and sing along or someone gets inspired and starts to dance. Sometimes they have a meal together or a barbecue and ask some of the guests to join them.
*During the day, the terrace is also a meeting place for all the guests. Local people can often be found playing tavli (backgammon) and it also provides a great meeting place for youngsters too. Children of all nationalities play together.

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